Color Bounce takes elements of the popular Color Switch and adds a new level of gameplay and challenge. If you thought Color Switch was trick, wait until you try Color Bounce! You literally wont be able to stop playing this… is a multiplayer fidget spinner game online that combines By collecting them you can steadily increase your spinnings speed and size.
Fidget Spinner Bros

Fidget Spinner Bros is an onlin.You can play the game on smartphone and tablet.
Fidget Spinner platformer

Play Fidget Spinner platformer maze game each round you earn coins. it fun to make a fidget spinner platformer So pretty much use the arrow keys to get to right side of the screen
Fidget Spinner Simulator

Play Fidget Spinner Simulator and control with space and crash fidget spinner. Instructions Press space to use the Fidget spinner. I am neutral on Fidget spinners (they are okay)
Fidget Spinner Hero game

There is a new craze in town and its called the Fidget Spinner its literally everywhere and while kids use it to entertain themselves
Hand Spinner Simulator

In this game you will be find many different kinds of hand spinners, different colors, different shapes, different materials, what are you waiting for:)
Finger Spinner Online

Finger Spinner Online is an online spinner game in this game you need to make your spinner fast in circle as many times as you can within 10 times.